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We have a website for inquisitive minds like yours, and we deliver for free an issue containing puzzles and sundry things to think about monthly!

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We also provide a Sample Issue of our Uncle Bob's Puzzle Monthly (UBPM) . We hope you become a subscriber. It's free. Just email us. For more Subscriber Info click button on the left.

Math Journeys archive: extended looks into fetching problems

Have a look at Potpourri, a rotating stock of math puzzles, word puzzles, geegaws and logical problems.

Our personal page is called Uncle Bob & Aunt Claire's Place and it has more articles and yummy recipes. Have a look!

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We have added to our permanent collection. Look in the Potpourri menu for the Puzzle Mall. It houses two levels of math puzzles covering many strands and ranging from elementary through high school levels. Teachers will find some good solving and practice opportunities for their students.


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