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Why subscribe to Uncle Bob's Puzzle Monthly?
We intend to supply you with puzzles every month. Puzzles will vary in type (verbal, visual, logical) and in difficulty. The sample issue will give you a good idea of a typical offering. We use a light touch (not preachy or teachy).

How to subscribe for free. Use the email link below or on any UBPC page and send us your email address. You can unsubscribe in the same manner.

What you get?
On or before the first of every month we will send subscribers an email with a link to the page which has the current issue of UB's Puzzle Monthly. This link will be active for two months. You are free to make hard copies of material for your personal use, but you are cautioned to respect the copyright.

In every issue you will find word puzzles; math / logic posers; and solutions. Occasionally, we will offer graphic designs, articles about math, astronomy alerts, humor, and who knows what. Content will be adjusted based on subscriber feedback, So please keep in touch.

GOT FRIENDS? UB's Puzzle Monthly will be a welcome and cost-free gift to puzzle fanatics.

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