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Puzzles / Math

MathNEXUS – mathy, newsy and weekly updates and problems.


The Math Forum @ Drexel www.apluscompass.com for teacher tools
Macalester College POW Archive (hosted by The Math Forum @ Drexel)
Brain Teasers from Barry R. Clarke

Clifford A. Pickover's Home Page

Math History at St. Andrews
Solve This! – a 2003 ThinkQuest project by Aunt Claire's students, the Vermont state winner. Follow links to library, math, and puzzles.
Fractals – The Mandelbrot Explorer
Words, Logic, Other

Famous Birthdays
Math History at Clark
Kelley Blue Book
Ken’s Puzzle links page
Archimedes’ Lab Puzzles Uncle Bob and Aunt Claire's Place
Ed Pegg’s Math Puzzles


Number Theory – Primepuzzles  
Eric Weisstein’s World of Mathematics  
Math Solids Puzzles TIP -
Nick's Math Puzzles Kadon Enterprises

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