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UB was born in Philadelphia, PA in late 1947. He graduated with fellow “stompers” from Bristol High School, and he holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in Math Education from Plymouth State University, where he has taught as an adjunct lecturer. In addition, he has taught math in grades 4 through 12, and adult courses in a 30-year career.

His wife Claire has taught grades 2, 3, 4, and remedial reading and was an enrichment teacher and computer educator in a K-6 school. Recently Claire worked for six years as manager of several projects, including the Math Fundamentals Problem of the Week (for grades 3-5 students), at The Math Forum @ Drexel. She is the brains and spirit of this outfit, being UB’s Macintosh muse, and a weaver of flashy dreams (Macintosh, Dreamweaver, and Flash were used to produce our offerings here).

Bob (link to cv) essentially teaches the same skills to all students of all ages: how to think and solve problems. He recently taught two semesters of Calculus in northern New Hampshire to adults who “dropped back in” for refreshers and teaching credentials . They were required to think and solve problems also – all the while helping to solve the critical teacher shortage in their region.

Why does Bob inflict this torture on his students? The reason is that he knows through experience that the attitudes and skills of a math problem solver can be applied to “life” problems as well. He wants no one to remain in their rut. He appreciates that math recreation is a rich, limitless source of low stakes problems on which to hone those skills. He suggests you “get crackin’” on the puzzles.

UB & AC have a personal home page, Uncle Bob & Aunt Claire's Place where you can learn more about us, see more puzzles, some astronomy pieces, and best of all, pick up some tasty recipes.

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