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Print Resources (mg –> suited for middle grades)

Aschbacher, Chas. (ed.), Journal of Recreational Mathematics
mg Bolt, Brian, The Amazing Mathematical Amusement Arcade

Dickson, (ed.), Brain-Boosting Visual Logic Puzzles
GAMES Magazine
GAMES World of Puzzles
mg Gies, Joseph & Frances, Leonard of Pisa

Gardner, Martin, Scientific American (“Mathematical Games” 1957-1981)
Kordemsky, Boris, The Moscow Puzzles
mg NCTM, Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School (Menu of Problems)
NCTM, Mathematics Teacher (Calendar problems)
Pickover, Clifford, Keys to Infinity

mg Silverstein, Shel, Where the Sidewalk Ends

Vanderlind, Guy, Larson, The Inquisitive Problem Solver

Other Recommendations

Conway & Guy, The Book of Numbers
Evans, Larry, Lateral Logic Mazes
Gardner, Martin, The Riddle of the Sphinx; Penrose Tiles, Trapdoor Ciphers...
Golomb, Solomon, Polyominoes
Krantz, Steven, Techniques of Problem Solving
mg Kremer, Exploring with Squares and Cubes
mg Kresz, Kresz & Kresz, Eye-Pleasing, Mind Teasing 3-D Conundrums
Peter, Rozsa, Playing with Infinity
Rouse-Ball, W.W., Math. Recreations and Essays
Ryan, Steve, Mystifying Math Puzzles
Stewart, Ian, Another Fine Math You’ve Got Me In; Nature’s Numbers
Trigg, Charles, Mathematical Quickies
mg Wahl, Mark, A Mathematical Mystery Tour

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