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We dedicate this puzzle to the 50s rock ‘n’ roll group which gave us “Only You” and “The Great Pretender.” They are The Platters®, with founding member Herb Reed still performing today. We’ll let you spin 2, 3, or 4 platters below. The rules are simple enough:

1. Make a valid equation by rotating the specified number of certain turntables 180 degrees each in succession.

2. The standard order of operations applies, i.e., a group in parentheses is calculated first, followed by multiplication ahead of addition or subtraction. When the priorities are equal, calculate from left to right.

3. Select a turntable to rotate. Any symbols and smaller turntables wholly contained on it will rotate 180 degrees. Any symbols outside your turntable, as well as turntables wholly or partially outside it, will remain in place. In the example below, if we were to rotate turntable C, then turntable B and its contents go for the ride, but turntable A, the equals sign, and the 8s, remain in place.

4. The same turntable may be rotated more than once.

So let’s all do a little doo-wop, and get the math in tune too.

Example: rotate turntables A (Step 1) then C (Step 2).

Try these:

Problem 1: Rotate two (2) turntables.

Problem 2: Rotate three (3) turntables.

Problem 3: Rotate four (4) turntables.



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