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An Olympics for the Rest of Us

What image comes to mind when you read the phrase Hefty Olympics? Is it that chub–athalon on cable TV, where the big bruisers, mostly Scandinavian as I recall, try to lift tank cars over their heads, or try to drag 747s uphill with the brakes on?

Well, you're wrong. The Hefty Olympics is a spectacle that we all can participate in, and summer is the season for it. What follows are suggestions for how to organize and host your own Hefty Olympics this August.

The Hefty Olympics

Required facility – any back yard.

Corporate backing – a grocery open on weekends would be a plus.

Housing requirements – most competitors could probably make it home.


Events – ah, the events!

Advise the entrants to train hard so that they will not be the first to withdraw from the table.

I think you can see that you are quite capable of hosting the next Hefty Olympics, so the time to prepare is now. Have your organizing committee meet well in advance to select the official beer, candy, and antacid for your Hefty Olympics.

Might I suggest

“On Top of Spaghetti” as the official Hefty Olympic theme?


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