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Each Crunch is really two puzzles – you must solve the clues and then fit strings of two or more words into the 11-letter rows and columns, using one letter per square. All answers will overlap by their common letters in order to fit. For example, if the answer “LEGS” follows “BATTLE,” they would be entered as “BATTLEGS.” Directions are included with each puzzle.

Sample Solution
Let’s find as many answers to these across clues as we can and then try to string them into complete rows. The grid shows that one row will have “EN” together, and another row will have
“A – – – G.”

Tots up (4) adds? sums? (answers are ordered alphabetically – try adds)
Toward the stern (3) aft
Site for a match (5) arena
Tooth-related (6) dental
Lonely and barren, as an outpost (8) ??
Room extension (3) ell
Unlucky time in March (4) Ides
Fermented honey (4) mead
Scruff of the neck (4) nape
Get ready (7) prepare?
Cash in, as coupons (6) redeem
Use a spoon to mix (4) stir
What forms in April can be (6) taxing?
Rant (6) ??
Patch of hair or fur (4) ??

TAXING might serve to finish the fourth row.

IDES or ADDS would finish the final row. MEAD will overlap adds. Let’s try this string: REDEEMEADDS (11 letters, a possible row!)

The word ARENA has the consecutive EN. Try PREPARENAPE – it is another possible row. Working the DOWN clues (not shown) will help place the first two rows and also suggest the remainder of the ACROSS solutions.

Uncle Bob’s website provides a sample puzzle and its solution. Please enjoy the other puzzles in the Sample Issue while you are there. Cheers, Uncle Bob Mead

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