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For those using Uncle Bob's CDs or zip files

The examples given apply to UB: A Memoir of Uncle Bob Mead. The procedure for accessing puzzle sets should be the same.

UB: Memoir will behave like a self-contained website and should run on any standard web browser. It includes some links to outsite websites.

Using a CD

  1. Insert the CD in your drive.
  2. Open the CD when it appears.
  3. Double-click on the file "starthere.html".

You may choose to download the contents of the CD to your hard drive for faster performance.

Extracting a zip file on Mactintosh

1. Download the zip file from the email message.

2. Locate the zip file on your hard drive, probably in your Downloads folder.

3. Double-click on the "UB Book" file. Your computer will automatically extract the contents and create a new folder, "UB Book 2", in the same location.

4. Open that folder. Double click on "StartHere.html."

Extracting a zip file on Windows

Microsofts's instructions can be found here.

1. Download the "UB Book" file from the email message.

2. Locate the zip file in your File Explorer. Depending on your settings, you may view it in one of three ways:

large icon - file extension hidden (the default view; pay attenion to the icon, a folder with a zipper)

large icon - file extension shown (.zip)

small icon - file extension shown

3. Select (single-click) the compressed "UB Book 2" and the "Compressed Folder Tools" menu item becomes available as shown:

Alterntively, you can get the same option by right-clicking on the file name, as shown:

4. Either way, the next step is to select "Extract all." You'll get a chance to decide where to put the result of the extraction. The default is to put the root "UB Book 2" folder into the same folder that holds the compressed "UB Book" file. You probably want to use the "Show extracted files when complete" option, which is the default. If you don't, you need to remember the path to where it is saved.

5. After clicking "Extract" the folder of extracted files is shown. (The _MACOSX folder is irrelevant in the Windows world.)

6. Open (double-click) the "UB Book 2" folder (not the "UB Book 2" zip file; see Note below) to find your "StartHere" html file, and double-click on it.

You should see a page like this:

Note: After extraction using default settings as described above, there will be two entries in the folder holding the original "UB Book" file. Both have the same name when file extensions are hidden! The distinction is only in the icon: a partially open manila folder for the extracted files and a closed manila folder with a zipper for the zip file.

Unfortunately, if you open the zip file you will see its contents, looking a lot like the contents of the folder. Compare "folder contents" ...

with "zip-file contents" ...

In the zip file you can see the StartHere.html and you can open that file. The result is missing the image:

If you persevere by clicking the "Proceed to Contents" link you'll come to a dead end ...

So, the Extract All is the essential step in getting the book contents and its graphics and links, both internal and external, to function as intended.

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