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MiniCryptic Crossword

Cryptic clues are often divided into two parts. One part is a straight definition of the answer, and the other part is a cryptic description utilizing wordplay. The order and the divide between parts are for the solver to figure out. If you are new to cryptics, we provide a detailed tutorial. It will open in a new window.

Across Down

1. More expeditious if Solo is the victim7)

1. ___, there a tick – crazy man! (7)
4. Sculptor of rural Norse god. (5) 2. Under stress, bearer understood. (5)
6. Redid an errand (twice) after dropping delivery. (5) 3. Second note down and then up _ there's a fiver in it for polisher. (7)
7. Chaser hangs a left, gets lost, and doesn't fit in. (7) 5. Find the way to honor the "Contra Colonel." (5)

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