Department of Words

Nothing in Common

# 1-16 in order are: motel, nadir, tempo, bairn, toped, brain, moped, train, model, paint, lobed, tapir, boned, tramp, noble, rapid.

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Five and Ten

Puzzle 1. Journalist   Puzzle 2. Lumberjack

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Fit for Four

1.  flap   2. sack    3. rat    4. plan

5. lip   6. iron    7. half    8. room

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Crisscross Crunch

Across, in row order: zone, negative, vet; fore, Oregon, Goneril; cedar, arisen, sense; veto, tome, melodic; adulate, Teton, tons.

Down, in column order: yoyo, opener, nerdy; seder, derat, atolls; wagon, nicer, Certs; libel, lemon, Monte; debit, its, shinny.

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Across 1. Garages (GA + rages)    4. Niger (anagram)    6 Lipid (lip + I.D.)    
7. Lateral (foreshortening)

Down 1. Gin Mill (GI + NM + ill), this type clue called a charade.   2. Regal (re + gal)                         3.  Speidel (spiel + ed.)    5. Riper (Ripper – p)

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