Crisscross Crunch

Here we have a puzzle suffering a tight squeeze. The answer words read straight across or straight down, but they overlap by one, two, three, or four letters. For example, the answer “battLE” might overlap the answer “LEgs” by two letters and be entered as "BATTLEGS." To help you solve, we’ve put the clues for Across and Down in alphabetical order according to answers, and we’ve given the word lengths in parentheses. Answer as many clues as you can, and then try to fit them in the grid. We’ve placed letters to get you started.




Carpet measurement (4)

Secure a mountain climber (5)

__ Go Bragh (4)

Biblical twin (4)

Pneumonia symptom (5)

__ one's head (2, 4)

Ferdinand's Queen (6)

__ lazuli (5)

Zhivago's love (4)

Sass, metaphorically (3)

Unit of western scenery (4)

In (7)

Deep, narrow valleys (7)

Type of eclipse (5)

Mischievous street youngsters (7)

Breakfast rashers (5)

Evergreen tree (7)

College officials (5)

Not as difficult (6)

Make a mistake (3)

Elude (5)

Untamed (5)

Swiss city (6)

Senseless (5)

Kingdom within South Africa (7)

Not as old (5)

Pocket bread (4)

Bag on the mound (5)

Raconteur's stock (5)

Worth (5)

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