Words on Target

A spreadsheet helped me score the words faster and have more time to experiment.

AFTER is another 50-pointer.

For 40 points use FETED or RALED. For 60 points – SINES, TIMES, or its anagrams.

For 75 points – THUGS or WRITE. For 100 points – NUTTY or BUZZY.

For 25 points. DECAL or DICED. Did you find others? Please let us know.

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U.S. Coins

Hefty Amounts – or Not?

a. $1.22 can be 7 pennies, 7 nickels, 3 dimes, and 2 quarters weighing 70.644 grams.

(7p, 6n, 6d, and one quarter is about 4 grams lighter.)

b. $1.41 can be one penny, no nickels, 4 dimes and 4 quarters – a feather-light 34.252 g.

c. $1.91 can be 6p, 7n, zero dimes, and 6 quarters, standing tall at 33.27 millimeters.

d. $1.61 can be 1p, zero nickels, 6 thin dimes, and 4 quarters – a diminuitive stack at 16.62 mm.

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Department of Words

Nothing in Common

# 1-16 in order are image, front, agile, froth, angle, mirth, alone, right, melon, grift, lemon, faith, gnome, firth, gleam, thorn.

Other solutions possible. Send us yours!

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Five and Ten

Puzzle 1. flamboyant   Puzzle 2. biophysics

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Fit for Four

1.  cheap   2. pole    3. man    4. dish

5. butter   6. double    7. well    8. leg

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Crisscross Crunch

Across, in row order: quit, item, emulate; deprive, river, verity; El Al, a la mode, deer; anode, odeon, natal; fore, revere, rebus.

Down, in column order: pure, reeling, ingot; sterile, led, deed; emu, UV, vamoose; glare, Edna, navel; stat, tatter, Ragus.

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Across 1. Culture (Cu + lure + t)    4. Piper (two meanings)    6. Level (lapel – ape + Eve)

7. Thinner (ninther anagram and bad political quip)

Down 1. Capulet (caplet + u)    2. Lapel (hidden in clue)    3. E-tailer (two meanings)

6. Raven (Ave! + R.N.)

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