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My readers will recall that in December I ended my 2020 series on types of logic puzzles with the type most of us were first formally exposed to: geometry. I cited Presh Talwalkar’s blog “Mind Your Decisions” as a rich source of problems. Through Presh’s blog I discovered Catriona Agg’s (nee Shearer's) Twitter page and another rich source of shapely puzzles.

A writer always reveals him/herself and in perusing @Cshearer I can say that Catriona is a dedicated maths teacher and a very clever constructor of hundreds of hand-drawn puzzles. With over 24,000 followers we can conclude that she nearly owns the genre. She has kindly given me permission to present three of them for you to enjoy. Even if you are a long way out from high school geometry, I think you will marvel at the shapes, the shades, and the enigmatic questions. To get back into the game you can click on any of her posers on her page and see the responses which cover a surprising variety of solution methods including high tech apps. For the three puzzles below, I will provide hints to help you along.

I hope Catriona doesn’t mind the titles I’ve given them.

1. Green Space


2. Watch Your Steps


3. Arctic Sunrise


Thank you, Cariona!


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