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Uncle Bob presents a six-pack of

All-American Limericks, Pack 7

"Three cheers for the embarassed, abashed, and slightly smutty."


A grizzled old roadie from Cody
Was bit by a rabid coyote.
His age was a curse
Cody clime even worse
But he flourished in old Sarasot-y.


We all went to search for shy Ann.e
The cops drew a marvelous plan,
But where could Anne be?
In Wyoming you see
In a hole in the woods in her van.


New Yorkers express jubilation.
Their candidate earns an ovation.
They yell, “Screw New Hampshire
And Iowa – damn sure –
We say Oswego goes the nation.”


An extrovert from south of Butte-y
At our cookout made us do our duty.
When my wife asked him why’d
All the ladies felt plied, he
Replied, “waitin’ barbecue, cutie.”


A slicker from downtown El Pah-so
Bought himself a hat, boots, and a lah-so
Joined a big cattle drive
But he just didn’t thrive
Due to sores that welled up on his – you know.


A Connecticut yankee, I think,
Claimed my doggerel tended to stink.
He begged, “Never pun
In a lim’rick my son.
Twice the pain causes my heart to sink.”

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