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MiniCryptic Crossword 7s5s and 3s

Cryptic clues are always divided into two parts. One part is a straight definition of the answer, and the other part is a cryptic description utilizing wordplay. The order and the divide between parts are for the solver to figure out. If you are new to cryptics, we provide a detailed tutorial. It will open in a new window.

1. Down with a favorite era. (7)

1. I hear you 'n' tree are trendy. (7)
4. Police alert garbled: "Be on the lookout for a drug kingpin." (5)

2. The shadow is a shadow caster with no ell. (5)

7. War turns bloody. (3) 3. It's a gem: a mere bobble [sic] left ... left dangling. (7)
8.Latina bud turns around a soldier mom. (5) 5. Escape from long morning. (3)
9. Irene Geddes sealed then broke agreement. (7) 6. Short but not short in planting seed. (5)


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