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If You Were Only One Inch Tall
(instead of six-foot 'n' all ...)

Uncle Bob

If You Were Only One Inch Tall,
How would you get to school?
Would your micro-mini thumb land you
In a micro-mini carpool?

I  Y  W  O  O  I  T,
How would you read a book?
Would you wait for nosey Nancy to come
And steal a next-page look?

I  Y  W  O  O  I  T,
What would you do for sports?
Would you vault with a yellow number two,
Or wait to grow into your shorts?

I  Y  W  O  O  I  T,
How would you make a friend?
Would you keep your head and shoulders high
And ask kids end on end?

I  Y  W  O  O  I  T,
How would you find a date?
Would you seek a two-centimeter pal
Or risk a six-foot mate?

If you were only one inch tall,
Would it really matter ... at all?

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