February 2019

Threading Through Math History

Proof: A Worthwhile Pursuit in Search of Completion

[pics source: U. of St. Andrews, Scotland]


Problem of the Month

A Square Deal

 Numbered Pentominos – a fusion puzzle.

Target Practice Practice Plus

Simple arithmetic, but keep looking.

Department of Words

Ferriswords a carnival of letters with very few words.

Five and Ten – choices, choices ... and a final answer called for.

Alphabet Muster – in shorts!?

Crisscross Crunch  – a big puzzle in a small space.

Minicryptic 7s5s3s Crossword

where we don't mean half of what we say.

MiniCryptic Tutorial – where we explain the other half (will open in another window).

Solutions for February

Best Math Sites Archives: 2015 | 2016

UB: A Memoir of Uncle Bob Mead.

Now available at the iBooks Store. Also, Uncle Bob’s own store is now open where the book will be available for purchase in pdf format, along with sets of 50 of UB’s regular puzzles (published individually since 2005).


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