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MiniCryptic Crossword 7s5s and 3s

Cryptic clues are always divided into two parts. One part is a straight definition of the answer, and the other part is a cryptic description utilizing wordplay. The order and the divide between parts are for the solver to figure out. If you are new to cryptics, we provide a detailed tutorial. It will open in a new window.

1.Block 'em; block game. (7)

1. Noise over city train reaches new level. (7)
4. Rasping lacks a carpenter's prop. (5)

2. Boxer and Eden trade slurs. (5)

7. Taproom centered in 1A. (3) 3. Hardy and Reed apply oil by rights. (7)
8.Downhill? Use slow canter. (5) 5. Back lot of Universal moves barges. (3)
9. Straightens confused North American teens. (7) 6. Cockney got out of bed with rough edges. (5)


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