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Nothing in Common
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Queue Up

Here we have a challenge for solvers who enjoy anagrams and who can plan ahead and work flexibly with persistence. OK, give it a try anyway. You see below spaces numbered 1 through 16 and a pool of 12 letters in the center. To begin, you simply take 5 of the letters and anagram them to a common, unhyphenated English word. Write the word in any one of the spaces. Next you must find 5-letter words for the two spaces adjacent to your first word, but you must anagram those using only the unused letters from the pool. Any two adjacent words must not have any letters in common and each word must use 5 distinct letters. Continue adding words adjacent to the ones you’ve created. Oh, and the words in spaces 1 and 16 are considered adjacent too. Can you complete the loop?

One final tip – make sure you have 2 erasers for each pencil. Ha!

1. ______________
16. ______________
2. ______________   A D
15. ______________
3. ______________   H E
14. ______________
4. ______________   L I
13. ______________
5. ______________   O Q
12. ______________
6. ______________   R S
11. ______________
7. ______________   T U
10. ______________
8. ______________ 9. ______________



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