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Astronomy for September

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Attention star-gazers: we will have dark skies from the 12th thru the 25th this month; however, there are other events eclipsing my mind at present.

Ciao Cassini

The Cassini orbiter will be ending a 13-year study of Saturn, its rings, and moons. Launched in 1997, it took 7 years to reach the planet. Originally scheduled to orbit for 4 years, Cassini joins the cast of over-achieving NASA projects. It will dive into the planet’s atmosphere on September 15.

Hail Hubble; Viva Voyagers

About those other projects. The Hubble Space Telescope, after a lens correction, has worked overtime teaching us the cosmic details we otherwise have no access to. More remarkable perhaps is the fact that we are celebrating the 40th anniversaries of the Voyager 1 and 2 launches.

The Great American Solar Eclipse, August 21, 2017

Here in New Hampshire we had approximately 65% coverage at maximum. The light had a strange cast even from a cloudless sky. There was an eerie silence broken only by the neighbor’s rooster that we can assure has had a screwed up body clock for its entire life. We had filters so that we could safely look up, but we also had fun using some indirect methods. Pics by Aunt Claire follow.

Have I mentioned my memoir? It contains an entire chapter on our experiences in starry matters. It’s on sale at the Uncle Bob Store.

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